Payments for jobseekers

Overview: Getting a jobseeker's payment

Information on payments for unemployed people, how to sign on and the extra benefits you may be entitled to.

Jobseeker's Allowance

A means-tested payment to people who are unemployed and looking for work.

Jobseeker's Benefit

This is a weekly payment to people who have lost their job and are covered by social insurance.

Conditions for getting a jobseeker's payment

The conditions you must meet to get a jobseeker’s payment and the penalties that apply if you do not meet these conditions.

Information for younger jobseekers

Younger jobseekers must meet the same conditions as all other jobseekers but there are some targeted supports to help them into work.

Self-employed and unemployment

If your business has closed, or if you are self-employed but have less work and less income than before, you may qualify for a social welfare payment.

Extra social welfare benefits

Information about the extra benefits that may be available to certain people getting a social welfare payment.

Signing on

If you lose your job or are unemployed you may get a social welfare payment. Information about the process of signing on for a jobseeker's payment.