Starting a job

Overview: Starting a job

Outlines the process of finding a job, different types of employment, tax and your employment, registering for tax when you start work, your employment rights and how to enforce them.

Different types of employment

An outline of the different types of employment and how this can affect your employment rights.

Finding and getting a job

Information about where to look for a job, how to apply and some of the supports that are available to jobseekers.

Finding a job in Ireland

Information for EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals about how to look for employment in Ireland.

Contract of employment

The law specifies that contracts of employment must contain certain items and your employer must give you your terms of employment in written form.

Signing off when you start work

You are required to notify your Intreo Centre or local Social Welfare Branch Office if you have been claiming social welfare benefits and are returning to work.