Overview: Starting a job

Whether you are currently in work, unemployed or in education, the process of finding and getting a job is the same. It involves searching through all the sources of employment opportunities, sending in job applications with a CV and continuing the search if your application is not successful. The Department of Social Protection also offers a range of employment services to jobseekers.

If you are coming from outside Ireland to work you can find more information in our document, Finding a job when you move to Ireland.

There are many different types of employment, including part-time work and casual work as well as full-time work. If you get a job you should make sure that you are an employee rather than a self-employed person as most employment protection legislation only applies to employees only.

Starting work

You need to do certain things before you start work. For example, if you are registered as unemployed you must contact your Intreo centre or social welfare local office and sign off when you start work.

You should also find out about the employment information that applies in your new job. For example, you should know about your Personal Public Service Number, contracts of employment, social insurance, Universal Social Charge and tax when starting work.

Employment legislation on equality in the workplace aims to ensure that you are not discriminated against when you are applying for a job and when you are in work.

Your employment rights

When you have started work your employer is obliged to make sure that you get certain basic employment rights. These rights are governed by employment legislation and include the right to a minimum wage, annual leave, public holidays and maximum working hours.

If you are not getting your employment rights or if you lose your job and consider your dismissal was unfair, there are organisations that can help you to enforce your employment rights. If you need information about employment law and your employment rights you should contact the Workplace Relations Commission's Information and Customer Service.

Immigrants and emigrants

If you are coming or thinking of coming to Ireland to work, you can find detailed information about employment permits.

If you are moving or thinking of moving abroad to work, you will find the information you need about working in the EU and working outside the EU.

Page updated: 21 October 2016