Your rights in work

Overview: Your rights at work

A range of legislation protects your employment rights including leave, pay and hours of work.

Employers' obligations and employees' rights

An employer has a range of responsibilities and obligations to ensure their employees get certain basic rights under employment law.

Equality in the workplace

Employment equality legisation makes discrimination illegal in a range of employment and employment-related areas.

Rights of young workers

There are important rules that govern the employment of children and young people.

Employment rights of part-time workers

Part-time workers have certain employment rights under the Protection of Employees (Part-Time Work) Act 2001.

Losing your job

If you lose your job you need to find out about the different payments and services for unemployed people.

Overview of employment rights enforcement

Summary of the bodies that assist employees to enforce their employment rights.

Working with a disability

There are different supports for people with disabilities to help them to find and keep employment.